Our Organisation

OpenHome Limited is an independent, non-profit entity which owns and licences use of OpenHome trademark. Our purpose is to act as guardian for the OpenHome platform, ensuring its long term availability, impartiality and openness.

We will ensure that the source code is public domain, allowing manufacturers and adopters to plan their product strategies with confidence.

We will ensure that conformance testing and reference implementations are in place to ensure interoperability, strengthening the ongoing quality and value of the brand.

In order to promote commercial adoptance, we will make the OpenHome platform OpenSource, and engage a commercial company to maintain and support the platform for the community. Additional Commercial support and consultancy may be provided by OpenHome Labs or other external consultancies, but there is no tie-in to OpenHome Limited. Manufacturers and developers are free to perform their own integrations or engage other third-party developers themselves.

Promoting the Standard

OpenHome provides a public, open standard for high quality streaming audio, along with a reference implementation to ensure interoperability and accelerate development

  • Benefit from the efforts of a growing development community
  • Retain control of your product platform – no tie-in to expensive proprietary systems
  • Get free ongoing maintenance
  • Control your own development timelines
  • Select hardware which suits your needs, not restricted to turnkey systems

Supporting the Community and Commercial Adopters

OpenHome is provided as an Open Source project under an MIT licence. We believe this is the most flexible and unrestricted model which will encourage adoptance and simplify product roadmap planning. Source is publically available for core platform and developers can retain control of the technology in their products. As a maintained OpenSource project, the community will benefit from engineering enhancements and bug fixes from the wider OpenHome community. In addition, as all of the source is available in public repositories there is an open and auditable change history.