The OpenHome Standard

OpenHome is a software platform designed to play high quality digital audio from a variety of sources such as local network servers, internet radio providers and streaming music providers such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify.

The platform is built upon the UPnP standard, but simplifies access to services and enhances the capabilities of UPnP to provide significant improvements in robustness along with key features such as highly synchronised mutli-room playback, managed playlists on device and gapless playback.

OpenHome is designed for portability and tuning allowing integrators to get the best performance for their device. The core Audio engine provides an advanced Pipeline model with tunable caches at various stages. The Pipeline provides a plugin model for content decoders, audio codecs, input sources and audio drivers giving integrators great flexibility in their final desings.

Interoperability is a key part of the OpenHome ethos, and is enabled by providing a clear, controlled set of service APIs combined with a full player implementation.