OpenHome Streaming Audio

We think OpenHome is the most complete, most capable and most accessible platform for top quality digital audio streaming available to developers today.

A mature technology deployed in some of the highest quality digital streamers available on the market, OpenHome lets you enjoy audiophile quality digital music streamed from your networked music library, internet radio or premium quality digital streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify.

OpenHome makes it easy to listen to your music all around the home, in perfect synchronisation. Players remember your playlists allowing you to see what’s playing, add to the playlists and change audio volume on any device, in any room from any controller.

With gapless playback, support for a wide range of audio formats and up to 192kHz audio, OpenHome brings you high quality audio streaming in the most flexible and accessible way. It is an open technology based around interoperability allowing you to mix and match your favourite devices from different manufacturers whilst retaining all the functionality and quality you want from your multi-room setup.

Imagine your music anywhere in the home - high quality, beautifully synchronised, on any device.

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